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Ageing in Place

Miller's Corner - a place to belong even when I am older or have extra needs.
On block 20 we intend to build a small double story dwelling, a comfortable designed living space, ‘a home’, and or community care facility for people with various ‘needs’ this includes people with a disability and in particular frail older people. 
This small facility will have the flexibility to offer safe, creative, quality and individualised living spaces in a home and community like environment.  Developing an environment for a person living with a disability or early stages of dementia or being frail aged can make a significant difference to their independence, level of meaningful participation, quality of life and wellbeing!
This house is also to be a resource for our community in that it may allow us in the future to prevent a member from our community having to stay in hospital or go into a nursing home because their accommodation is unsuitable for them to be cared for at home or to be living independently at home.  Something which is now termed “Ageing in Place”

We have engaged two occupational therapy students in conducting a needs analysis study to establish what the needs are in the Adelaide Hills communities for the older person or a person living with a disability.
In the architectural design of this ‘home’ we will consider the needs of an older person and we understand that this house/residence should:
  • Be small in size with accommodation for 5-6 people
  • Domestic and home like
  • Enable scope for ordinary activities
  • Include unobtrusive safety features
  • Have rooms for different functions with furniture and fittings familiar  to the age, generation and functional abilities of the residents
  • Provide a safe outdoor space
  • Have spacious single rooms/bedsits.
  • Provide good visual and physical access
  • Control stimuli especially noise
Safe and enticing outdoor space
For this we consider:
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility (easy visual and physical accessible design)
  • Encourage socialisation
  • Enable engagement and participation in meaningful activity
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Safety
  • Safe access to other community areas in Miller’s Corner

To gain a better understanding of the older person’s perspective on senior co-housing and what their likely needs were in regards to housing, community and social connectedness as they aged we invited two occupational therapy (OT) students to conduct a "needs' analyses" within the Adelaide Hills.
Sharni  Brooke and Sheryl Penno,  OT students from the University of South Australia undertook their Participatory Community Project  (PCP) with us at Miller’s Corner.  Their initial project proposal scoping took place over October and November 2016 and they commenced the practical part of connecting with stakeholder and conducting numerous focus groups over May and June 2017.  Their report helps to inform us what the expressed needs are for senior co-housing within the Adelaide Hills.  See newsletter and information sheet below.

OT Students Study Results

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