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Our Story

When we arrived in Mt Barker nearly 22 years ago, we loved the idea of the joys of semi-rural living and proximity to the town.  It was with great pleasure that we were able to buy our house at 2 Dunn Road and live on a large block with views to the sheep paddock out the back and horses next door.  The house we bought was a handcrafted two-story Kanmantoo stone home which the original owner/builders had lovingly built.  Their life circumstances had changed and after a chance meeting with a friend of theirs we visited the property and negotiated the sale within a few hours. 

Three weeks later (February 1996) we moved in on a rental basis whilst a subdivision, now Gollen Court, went through the Land Titles Office.  The house still need a lot of attention to finish off as some of the walls were not completed and there was no landscaping to speak of.  

The area remained a sleepy part of town until the early 2000’s when development occurred first a t Gollen Court and then with the Laurels Retirement Village.  Developers of both approached us and asked us if we wanted to sell but by that time it had become our home and we were well settled into the local community.

As the years went on our three children, in their turn grew up, and moved out.  We were left with a large family house and a lot of ongoing maintenance both in the garden and the house.  We came to realise that our little “oasis” would unlikely remain so unless we found a way to preserve it.  Our greatest fear was that our house would be demolished, and high-density retirement housing would be squashed into the block.

Together we agreed that the only was to preserve it was to develop it ourselves.  This decision set us on our quest in 2008 to create vision.  Our vision looked at why we would want to stay in Mt Barker as opposed to other places we could leave.  We realised that a three-fold model which balanced the social, environmental and financial spheres of our lives. 

Over the last 9 years we have worked to bringing our vision to reality and in the second half of 2017 the infrastructure has been completed and the physical building of the new homes can commence in 2018.

It has been a journey of discovery for us both and gave us the opportunity to look at our lives and things that we valued. 

At Miller’s Corner we are providing the clay out of which a community will develop.  There will be many opportunities for new residents to sculpt a shared future and we look forward to living in our “eco-housing” community.

Lia and Graeme Parsons