HomeHouse - an Alternative Senior Housing Option


Our Vision

'To create an inclusive and sustainable shared living environment that promotes ageing well' - a home for people of all abilities within the Miller's Corner Community.

On Lot 20 we intend to build a double story dwelling, a comfortable well designed house, ‘a home’ for people  aged 55/60+  or a person living with a disability.  

Senior co-housing or co-living intends to combine the private and shared spaces in a way that meets the needs of both privacy and a sense of community and support.

This house at Miller’s Corner will have the flexibility to offer safe, creative, quality and individualised living spaces in a home and community like environment.  Developing an environment for seniors or a person living with a disability can make a significant difference to their independence, level of meaningful participation, quality of life and well being!
In the architectural design of this ‘home’ we will consider the needs of an older person and we understand that this house/residence should:

·  House 6 people
·  Individual apartments and shared facilities

·  Domestic and home like
·  Enable scope for ordinary activities
·  Include unobtrusive safety features

·  Outdoor garden
·  Provide good visual and physical access
·  Control stimuli especially noise


Artist Impression of the HomeHouse