Architecture (by Hafren)

Miller's Corner has a gentle and beautiful atmosphere. The architecture of the community scheme intends to nurture this quality. At Hafren we aim to be considerate of sustainability, not just in terms of the physical relationship to energy use, or of the energy used in creating a dwelling, but also in terms of the sustainability of the life forces and the spiritual ecology of a place.

We understand that places can have soulful atmospheres cultivated through the architecture and landscaping, and through the activities that these support to grow and flourish. We are inspired by design that supports the inhabitants and visitors to
experience a nurturing, artistic, and thoughtful relationship with nature, cultivation, climate, and between buildings and people. 

We also embrace and celebrate the unique spirit of place, the existing character and the etheric geography of a place.  This can be supported to be harmonious, health bearing and creatively expressed.​

Hafren is a Welsh name for river, and in particular for waters that are full of the music of the sun in the stream. It is also a word for Life. Hafren Architecture  aims to embody the soulful qualities and atmospheres of both the active and the passive qualities of space.  We design with the unique physical, etheric, soul and spiritual aspects of natural and built environments in mind.

Lucy Crawford-Sandison is the
Architect for the community
concept scheme of the project​

Miller's Corner

Co-housing in the heart of Mt Barker

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