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Forest House and Common Facilities

The key common facilities include:


  • Forest House

  • Community Gardens

  • Parking Spaces

  • Common Access Pathways

Forest House (designed by Hafren Architects)

Forest House is at the heart of the eco-subdivision. An existing unique architect designed and hand built stone house sets the material and design aesthetic for all buildings so that a strong and harmonious sense of place with visual cohesion is developed. Local slate, a similar architectural scale, and an intimate food producing landscape are all references of continuity with historic precedents set by John Dunn, the original land property owner and town miller, who built his own stone houses and churches in the area.


The house site is orientated north with good gardening soil, mature deciduous shade trees to the east, northern views to rural hillsides and accessed from all sides by the predominantly pedestrian loop road. Land enclosed within the loop will function as a shared food garden, meeting place, children's play space and recreation space for all residents. This siting away from all other dwellings means that there are no overshadowing or overlooking problems, and activities there will have minimal impact on residents.

Forest House itself (85m2 and co-owned by residents) is designed to be hard wearing, low maintenance, with flexible and multifunctional interior and exterior spaces, suitable for use by several people at once, inviting and inclusive. It will provide the following shared facilities which act as an extension for individual residents houses, making it more feasible to build quality, compact, affordable dwellings on small blocks of land.

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