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Participatory Process

Much of the structure of Millers Corner development was needed to be defined as part of the sub-division application.  This included the layout, parking options, scheme description and by-laws.  It is the intention however, that once the blocks have been sold, the participants will have the opportunity to be involved in how the community will run. 


This "participatory process" will seek to engage residents/owners in  collaborative decision-making for the community.  The idea is to work co-operatively with creativity and flexibility to help create conditions which will enrich the lives of the participants. 

It is envisaged that through this process, over time, participants will develop a strong commitment and sense of ownership to the environment where they are living.

This process will start as soon as people have joined the community through the purchase of a block. 

As a reference point it would be good to review the Intentional Communities Manual available from the following web-site or on the Links page:

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